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  • Juicer


    Juicer by Hurom saves more nutrition from raw material than any other products, is easy to clean and effectively designed to be kitchen & user friendly.

  • Squeezer


    Squeezer by Hurom implements Low Speed Technology to save its natural condition, is silent, durable, easy to clean, and safe with the auto safety system.

  • Slow juicer

    Slow juicer

    Slow Juicer by Hurom, with the help of LSTS, takes on a new paradigm of preserving the nature's taste and nutrition that only raw fruit and vegetable had.

  • Extractor


    Extractor by Hurom extracts juice out of raw materials by squeezing with Low Speed Technology System, preserving natural flavor, color, and nutrients had.

  • Juice extractor

    Juice extractor

    Juice Extractor by Hurom not only juices fruit/vegetable but also soy/corn. With its smart functions, you can make as much juice you want with easy clean.

  • Fruit juicer

    Fruit juicer

    Fruit Juicer by Hurom, using auger like screws, preserves as much nature as possible in raw materials and allows you to produce juice as much as you want.

Company Profile

Hurom LS spent last 36 years in developing technology which benefits our health and building eco friendly environment. Hurom LS launched in 1974 width a name Dong Ah Industry who were known for leader in extractor industry. Since 1974, not only in extractor industry, Dong Ah launched world’s first patent technology using a screw to squeeze juice out of fruits and vegetable rather than high-speed grinding method. Other than our products, Dong Ah was also known for its product R&D to enhance product performance, world dominating technology, and 100% customer satisfaction...More information

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